I’m running for Director of the CLA in Toronto

Currently, elections are under way for the Criminal Lawyers’ Board of Directors.

If you are a CLA member, I ask for your support.

My platform is one dedicated to addressing the chronic underfunding of legal aid in this province and the private practitioner under siege in today’s climate.

Our biggest concern is the erosion of the certificate model of delivery in favour of perceived, but non-existent efficiencies in the use of law students, duty counsel or paralegals, never even mind “staff-lawyers” – the equivalent of a badly broken public defender model.

I am a very hard-working passionate and effective advocate.

I look forward to working for our clients through the Association, advocating in the interest of our members which is completely  aligned with that of vulnerable defendants.



About anitaszigeti

• Called to the Bar (1992) • U of T Law grad (1990) • Sole practitioner (8 years) • Partner in small law firm (Hiltz Szigeti) since 2002 • Mom to two astonishing kids, Scarlett (8) and Sebastian (5) • (Founding) Chair of Mental Health Legal Committee for nine years (1997 to 2006) • Counsel to clients with serious mental health issues before administrative tribunals and on appeals • Former Chair, current member of LAO’s mental health law advisory committee • Educator, lecturer, widely published author (including text book on consent and capacity law) • Fifteen years’ experience as counsel to almost exclusively legally aided clients • Frequently appointed amicus curiae • Fearless advocate • Not entirely humourless
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