Endorsement for Anita Szigeti by Ruby Dhand

I am honoured to endorse Anita Szigeti’s candidacy for Law Society Bencher. I met Anita through my advocacy and research in mental health law and I have had the privilege of working for Anita in the past year. Whether in the office, the courtroom, or socially, I am continually energized by Anita’s strength of character, humor, leadership, humility, and advocacy skills. Anita’s teaching and supervision has shaped my career. She is a wonderful mentor for young lawyers like myself, a passionate advocate, an ardent activist, a determined leader, a prolific writer and an amazing friend.

Throughout her almost twenty year career, Anita has made a significant contribution to the legal profession through her accomplishments in advocacy, pro bono initiatives and research. Anita has appeared as counsel or amicus curiae on leading cases such as Starson, Conway and Mazzei at the Supreme Court of Canada, and she has represented social justice organizations in high profile inquests. She has passionately advocated thousands of legal aid certificate cases before the Consent and Capacity Board and the Ontario Review Board. As I have closely observed Anita advocate in a number of hearings at both the adjudicative and appellate levels, she is fearless, principled and compassionate like no other. She has also published a number of academic articles and books on access to justice for people with mental health disabilities. Remarkably, despite her incredibly busy litigation schedule, Anita continues to extensively volunteer her time in activism, education, lobbying, policy and community development initiatives, along with taking care of her family.

Anita’s personal and professional qualities make her the appropriate choice for Law Society Bencher. She is committed to sustaining the legal aid system in Ontario, creating equity for all lawyers, ensuring that young lawyers like myself have opportunities within the profession, and addressing other significant challenges within our profession.  I hope you will also support her candidacy for Law Society Bencher.

Ruby Dhand



About anitaszigeti

• Called to the Bar (1992) • U of T Law grad (1990) • Sole practitioner (8 years) • Partner in small law firm (Hiltz Szigeti) since 2002 • Mom to two astonishing kids, Scarlett (8) and Sebastian (5) • (Founding) Chair of Mental Health Legal Committee for nine years (1997 to 2006) • Counsel to clients with serious mental health issues before administrative tribunals and on appeals • Former Chair, current member of LAO’s mental health law advisory committee • Educator, lecturer, widely published author (including text book on consent and capacity law) • Fifteen years’ experience as counsel to almost exclusively legally aided clients • Frequently appointed amicus curiae • Fearless advocate • Not entirely humourless
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