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Email: anita.szigeti.cla@gmail.com 

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/anita-szigeti-mhlawyer/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/pouchbaby – Twitter: https://twitter.com/LAMDACANADA

    • General Co-Editor and Author, Law and Mental Health In Canada: Cases and Materials (2023)
    • Co-Author, A Guide to Mental Disorder Law in Canadian Criminal Justice (2020)
    • Co-Author, A Guide to Consent and Capacity Law in Ontario, (2022) – since 2005 annually
    • Co-Author, Halsbury’s Canada, Mental Health Law, 2019 – updated every four years
    • Secretary, Women in Canadian Criminal Defence (WiCCD) (2022)
    • Women’s Director, Criminal Lawyers’ Association (2020-2021)
    • Board Member, National Association of Rights Protection and Advocacy (NARPA) (2019)
    • Board Member, Pilot Place Society (2019)
    • Co-Director, Mental Health Law Course within the Health Law Professional LLM, Osgoode PD
    • Obtained Certificate in Adjudication: Tribunals, Boards and Agencies, Osgoode PD and SOAR (2018)
    • Called to the Nunavut Law Society (2014)
    • Called to the Ontario Bar (1992)
    • U of T Law grad (1990)
    • Sole practitioner (8 years)
    • Partner in small law firm (Hiltz Szigeti) 2002-2013
    • Sole Practitioner Again (8 years and counting) this time complete with Associates, Articling Students, Legal Support Staff and Office Manager
    • New Firm: Anita Szigeti Advocates
    • Mom to two astonishing kids, Scarlett (19) and Sebastian (16)
    • (Founder) and Secretary of Women in Canadian Criminal Defence (WiCCD) (2022)
    • (Founding) President of Law and Mental Disorder Association (LAMDA) (2017)
    • (Founding) Chair of Mental Health Legal Committee for nine years (1997 to 2006)
    • CLA Member since 2009
    • CLA Toronto Director 2013 – 2019
    • CLA’s Chair of Mental Disorder Portfolio 2013 – 2019
    • CLA’s Women’s Director December 1 2020 – November 2021
    • Counsel to clients with serious mental health issues before administrative tribunals (CCB and ORB) and on appeals (SCJ and Ontario Court of Appeal)
    • Supreme Court of Canada appearances acting as amicus curiae, for parties and interveners
    • (Founding) program coordinator and member, Amicus Curiae program for mental disorder appeals in the Court of Appeal for Ontario (2000 – 2014)
    • (Founding) Chair and former member of LAO’s mental health law advisory committee
    • Educator, lecturer, widely published author (including three text books on the law of mental health / mental disorder / and on consent and capacity law)
    • 30 years experience as counsel to almost exclusively legally aided clients
    • Frequently appointed amicus curiae
    • Fearless advocate
    • Not entirely humourless

Highlights of Professional Achievements Profile

Anita Szigeti has practised law in Ontario for almost 30 years.

She is one of a handful of recognized experts on the law of mental disorder, both in the civil and criminal justice streams. All of her clients, by definition, have experienced some serious mental health issues and come into contact with the law.  They are almost exclusively legally aided.  Despite this, Anita remains reasonably good humoured most days and occasionally publishes books (through LexisNexis), gives a lot of speeches and writes a lot of papers.

Anita has previously been honoured and privileged to serve as Chair of the Mental Health Legal Committee, Chair of Legal Aid’s Advisory on Mental Health, Facilitator of the Amicus Curiae Program for mental disorder appeals in the Court of Appeal, among other things. She joined the Criminal Lawyers’ Association in 2009 and has since acted as counsel to the Association on a number of matters, including a lengthy Inquest. She served for six years as a Toronto Director of the Association and Chair of its Mental Disorder Portfolio. In 2020, she re-joined the CLA’s Board as the Women’s Director. Anita is the founder and President of an umbrella advocacy association of lawyers, the Law and Mental Disorder Association (LAMDA) which brings together civil and criminal lawyers who practise mental health law. Anita also sits on several other Boards including as the sole Canadian representative on NARPA’s Board (the National Association of Rights Protection and Advocacy – based in Colorado) and Pilot Place Society (a not for profit 24/7 supervised housing service provider in Toronto.) In January of 2022, Anita and her colleagues formed Women in Canadian Criminal Defence (WiCCD),a national organization for women and gender non-conforming criminal defence lawyers. She currently serves as Secretary on the founding Executive of WiCCD.

Anita is often counsel on high profile Inquests and has appeared on hundreds of appeals, both in the Court of Appeal for Ontario and more than a dozen times in the Supreme Court of Canada.

Anita is proud to work in a three – lawyer, seven person firm known as Anita Szigeti Advocates. Happiest in the Courtroom, she is found there almost every day.  She is perhaps most proud of having mentored two generations of lawyers, so far.



The Guide to Mental Disorder Law in Canadian Criminal Justice


The Guide to Consent and Capacity Law in Ontario


Halsbury’s Laws of Canada on Mental Health



Probably my favourite thing I ever did – my Robichaud’s Of Counsel interview with Sean Robichaud

Anita Szigeti: I am this person’s lawyer.

Another favourite moment in time, my Inaugural CLA Women’s Ask Me Anything Appeareance

WiCCD’s Series Premier — “Finding Your Niche” – Inaugural Guest on Mental Health Justice Litigation


The Need for Empathy in Mental Health Law – Anita Nowak’s Purposeful Empathy Podcast Series

Apple Podcasts: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/purposeful-empathy-with-anita-nowak/id1528606164





On TVO’s THE AGENDA with Steve Paikin – Mental Illness in the Family – 2012



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3 Responses to About

  1. Shannon says:

    I am so humbled by your most sincere and beautiful advocacy of people who stuggle in a systematically flawed system of mental health care. Thank you for your tenacious work.


  2. Jacqui R says:

    Ms.Szigeti was the counsel for my son who was up for a community TO review and his current doctor wanted to continue the CTO, but Ms.Szigeti valiantly fought for my son despite his doctors strong dispproval..he wanted theCTO to go on indefinitely. Anita worked brilliantly that day. To this day my son is as well as he could be facing his challenge and doing his best. A true advocate for those who can’t defend themselves due to the nature of their illness.


  3. Roman castevet says:

    Anita represented me during my ncr days and was the most intelligent, nice yet aggressive lawyer out there. She will have all of your charts read…she will end up knowing you, the accused, (the victim of a subjective money grabbing system), more than you know yourself. She pointed out that the orb weren’t complying with law book rules in my situation. So we filed an appeal and I won my freedom based on a code that was mentioned at my previous hearing that was illegal ignored by the Ontario review board. She is keen on controlling and expressing herself as well. Her emotional impact is logical and demands fairness. She is the best mental health lawyer in Canada no doubt. She gives it her all for your case. She’s not a magician, she is jusr prepared to the max. The utmost most knowledgeable lawyer on mental health. Unlike most other lawyers who do mental health on the side without ‘working’, (at all on client’s behalf), Anita takes things seriously and would never ‘dump truck’ you like the aforementioned other lawyers out there. And she’s not in the club where money dictates ‘justice’. She will do legal aid, will travel to another city to see you and is your only fair fighting chance at getting out of being trapped by the often unfair slow snake-like deceptive mental health system Business. (i.e. ncr status)


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